So many special moments!

Really. That’s an understatement! I’m just going to take a few moments and let all the amazing life experiences shine!

It has been awhile since I have posted. It is because my life is so full! (And, writing is not my first love). First off, 2 months of feeling all the love Colorado has to offer! The beauty goes all the way from the breathtaking mountain peaks all the way into the hearts of so many lovely souls I know call friends.

Then, my oldest marries the love of his life and like my son Nick and daughter-in-love Olivia last summer, I had the honor of officiating the ceremony. I know the day rocked for Rich and Chelsea but seriously, it can not be put into words to witness it from a parent’s point of view. It’s amazing being a Mom but I had no idea how spectacular it is to see them as adults making lives that are full of love and blessings! And, oh how I love having all my kids together!

Then comes being of part The Oracle Institute’s role in welcoming the Kogi indigenous tribe to North America. There’s still time to be a part of this if you can. The magic is palatable here each day closer we are to the event. This place is also a community, so ‘being a part of’ has meant, sanding, staining, cleaning, painting… and that feels good to work hand in hand with others creating something beautiful. If you have any interest in living in community, you owe it to looking into this piece of heaven.

Finally, literally, on the 1 year anniversary of me ‘getting on the road’ and living in surrender (thanks for tagging along) my business partner and SSS (Super Soul Sis) Gina and I launched our first ever online course. It feels like a child as well… one we’ve nurtured and allowed to change and evolve us. I hope that same nurturing and evolution is felt with each person that partakes in it. You are family, too. You can learn about that at   (Yep, we had fun naming it!)

All for now, I have chores to do!


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