Welcome to my non-linear phenomena.

You know when you are taking in a beautiful landscape that is so huge it feels like it is touching your soul, and you try to take a picture of it? But, inevitably when you look in the viewfinder it doesn’t even begin the capture the immensity of what your senses are experiencing?
That’s what this blog is. It’s that snapshot that can only capture a small percentage of the profound experience of surrendering to life and allowing Source to guide me around is having on me. It is the beauty in the multitude of moments of awe.

We all have those moments of awe where we pause and acknowledge the Blessings all around us. But, now for me those moments have multiplied 10-fold and can’t all be captured and documented because they are meant to. They are meant simply to expand me, to allow my wings to completely unfurl and strengthen in the sun so I can fully fly.

Chaos theory uses the example that the beating of a butterfly’s wings affects a much larger event across the world and sets change within the entire universe. It is a representation of a non-linear system, where a small event can trigger a much larger one. This surrender experience of mine is exactly this. It’s allowing my wings to grow and strengthen to have a bigger impact in this world.

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