Where in the World is Lee Ann?

It’s been awhile since I have communicated. 3 months to be exact. Time sure goes fast. I’ll start with where I am currently. I’m snuggled in a cozy home in New Hampshire watching a soft snow fall out my window on 70 acres surrounded by mountains and dirt roads. This place is full of silence, everything is at rest.

I’m here for two reasons. House sitting gigs are now very attractive to me and secondly, my son Nick lives 20 minutes away, so I snagged this one, even though it is the middle of winter.

Before this I was in Southern Virginia at The Oracle Institute with Laura George, a client and dear friend at her intentional community. It was 3 weeks of beautiful mountain and river energy, communal living with a half dozen amazing souls and much growth. Always, continued growth.

What came into my awareness there is I am looking for my place in the world. Before now, I belonged to my children. Raising them on my own was singularly my greatest joy and most important role. Before that, I belonged to my family of Lou and Jeannette. Where do I belong now? Each place I move to, with every changing environment, takes me into another inner room within myself. Rooms never visited before now.

Before Virginia, I was in Pittsburgh with my daughter and her boyfriend for the holidays enjoying their lives and love. So much fun! I know my children will continue to be my greatest joy and where I will always belong. My intention is to be with them as often (now with Nick and hopefully soon with Rich) as I can. Their arrows have been sent far and wide and they are planting glorious lives. I’ve done well. I’ve done my best. My children, I love more than Life itself.

This vulnerable place of living in surrender is becoming more and more comfortable as I am hearing to surrender ‘even more’. My work is expanding beautifully and that makes my heart literally sing. Everything is the great unknown and I am becoming a more seasoned navigator. As my heart expands in innocent wonder, Love streams in and Light abounds through every person I meet and every magical moment. If there is one thing I know, it is that Life has my back.

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