Off the grid

This my friends, is an Earthship Home. They are homes that are fully sustainable built from items from the past like old tires, cans, bottles and dirt, firmly planted in the earth, taking just what is needed from the sun and atmosphere to create a warm and inviting home. Combined with thoughtful earth-friendly technology they produce their own water, heat and plant life for food. They are 100% off the grid. I’ve known about them thanks to my son Nick. Thanks Nick! To be in one has a feeling of connection to the earth and living a part of an ecosystem of Life in a way that I hadn’t anticipated. Seeing these homes was on my bucket list.

As I’m typing this, I realize, we are the same these homes and I. I am like an Earthship home! They are on their edge like me not fitting into society’s norms. I am made up of all my old things, too. I am my old experiences, emotions, dreams and goals creatively being repurposed into an even great container than before. Taking just what I need from Source to create a warm and inviting life, living in a new type of flow and exploration of what is possible.

Let me tell you, on my travels and at every turn I meet amazing people passionate to make this world a better place, gifted with talents and insights that go against the norm. People living their lives committed to creating heaven on earth. There is so much good in the world, so much more than the media shows us. Don’t get sucked into it. We need to live outside our comfort zone and hang out on our edge for a while in order for new concepts to be born.

So I am like an Earthship home. Unconventionally and organically tapped into Life. Anyone want to join me?




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