I’m feeling a bit that life consists of pure magic. Maybe that’s what happens on the other side of Freedom.

This freedom I created for myself.

It seems that amongst the chaos that is life also lies a stillness that is deafening as well as rustling of sheer magic. The chance meeting of a man in Sedona that calls himself a walk-in, that within a few short minutes we conveyed hours of information. He works in many dimensions and his grandfather was Caruso and I have a sketch of Caruso’s via that art I was left by my uncle. The young black panther cat that I encountered in a bustling area where one should never exist. The silkiness of countless synchronicities abounding everyday all around me. It can certainly be found in these large experiences.

Maybe it’s just as clearly magic riding an escalator at the airport closely behind a family through baggage claim that you feel somehow connected to them and as they scurry off in an opposite direction, I in my mind/heart, bid them happiness and safety.

Maybe it’s the kind glances and considerate small conversation between people I’ll never see again. And hugging my children good bye after a wonderful brief visit and missing my child that couldn’t make it in. There is magic everywhere.

I’ve decided upon embarking on this adventure that life will come by easy and effortlessly. As I ride the 2-hour bus trip back to Tucson from Phoenix, I ponder that I actually am pondering such things and hearing the word ponder at all.

As much as this adventure has been overwhelming with adjusting to constantly changing surroundings and lack of silent moments (I need to create more of those), it’s also bringing an awareness of what is truly around me. Magic. Not like pulling bunnies out of top hats magic but the kind that comes with collaborating with life to see through the veils that we’ve humans have hung out in front of us like some sort of safety net to what can truly become of our lives.

It feels like an expansiveness that I can sense yet am not able yet to describe. Like coming upon a rare flower and not able to capture the sweetness of its fragrance in words. Life is full and rich and deep and magical. Maybe it’s what’s on the other side of freedom… but I have a feeling this is only the beginning.

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