Feeling the wobble.

I’ve been reminded all my adult life that no one is going to take care of me but me. Not that there aren’t amazing people in my life that are giving and caring, because there are many. I’m talking about self-care. The type of care that nourishes one’s spirit.

I learned the hard way two decades ago when I lived on an emotional tightrope and giving non-stop to everyone but myself, you tend to crash. It can be health wise, emotionally or both. I’ve gotten better over the years as I understood that I had more energy to give raising my children or to put toward my business, if I carved time out for myself.

But, this is on a new level of awareness around this subject of balance. I’ve been feeling like the old webbles… I’ve been wobbling for sure. I’m discovering that since I have no ‘home’ to return to rest, focus and recharge, I’ve got to be in tune to what is required for my own equilibrium on a daily basis. That means I need to speak up for myself and say what I need and for a ‘people pleaser’ that isn’t easy.

A friend told me yesterday, ‘You are pushing the edge of Life right now. No one is going to understand that but you’. I am pushing the edge and I am beginning to understand what all that entails. In the past four days I’ve been in LA, Tuscon and Chicago, moved out of my first location and getting ready to go to my second. This adventure has opened up my work, connected me to amazing people and beautiful locations… I just need a nap!


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