Floating in possibility

Yep. That’s how I feel and that’s what I realized yesterday morning as I was floating in the pool during my morning swim. I understood that just as I am supported by the water, so too am I completely supported by Life, the water surrounding me representing pure possibility. Why do we limit ourselves?

Then, as I was returning to my condo, a grasshopper jumped on one side of my head to the other. Crown chakra… grasshopper… of course I had to look up the totem meaning! “Grasshoppers are known for their massive, strong back legs. Those legs not only provide an anchor and stability to the Earth, They also enable them to spring into action, jumping across large distances into unknown territory. As an animal totem symbol, the grasshopper acts as a messenger, inspiring us to do the same. At certain times in our lives, we will be called upon to take a leap of faith, calculating the risks and making a brave jump without knowing the outcome.” – LOL, Life, you crack me up.

One reason for this adventure was to open up to expansion in my work and wow is that happening. The MetaWork is organically evolving by bringing the client into the Meta process and co-creating together. The outcome is sublime.

How about I met a new friend through complete synchronicity. She’s traveling the same way I am (no possesions or final destination) by route of Minnesota. Here we are in Tuscon, similar (no) plans and similar perspective of Life and what is possible. We both have dear old friends in Montana. Maybe we’ll travel some together. Maybe we’ll head to Montana. Only Life knows.

For now, I’m feeling Boulder, CO with alittle Santa Fe and Taos inbetween may be just right. But, first there is a trip to LA this coming week and a bit more time here in Tuscon. I’m ready for another swim 🙂



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