Homeless, week 2! Let’s talk about that since my blog is about community. The first night I arrived, I spoke at the Tucson Warrior Goddess Training Circle (awesome women lead by head goddess, Cheryl Shartle). I spoke about my business and my energy work, ending explaining what I am do now (roaming the earth) saying, ‘So, I’m officially homeless!’. A lovely woman asked if it were alright to tell me what was coming to her from Spirit as I said those words… ‘The world is your home’, she reflected back to me.

It oddly feels like that! I feel I belong here in Tuscon, while I am here and everywhere beyond that. My son asked me if in these travels, I was hoping to find where I should settle down. Oddly, no. I’ve been ‘settled down’ all my life. I guess I can say I’m settling into being ‘unsettled’. Innately, as much as I love Tuscon, I know I will love the next place I land, because I’m looking for the beauty. In the geography, vibe and its people.

Cheryl and I visited Milagro Cohousing, an award-winning cohousing community of 28 energy efficient, passive solar, adobe homes on a 43-acre site in the Tucson mountains – just twelve minutes from downtown Tucson. Our tour guide, a young mother of an outgoing boy of 8 or 9, said ‘This is just a microcosm here, we have the same issues as any community just on a smaller scale. But, we all know each other and have the common goal of this community so we work together’. Every time I am in such a place, it just feels good. It makes sense to me this urge to return to living as a tribe, sharing, coming together. It feels healthier to me.

I also had an incredible astrology reading this week, and guess what’s in my chart? Travel for the next several months. Even though I don’t know where I’ll be in October, I’m clearly on the right path.


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