Letting go of the ‘sure’.


I left Ohio last Friday, so I’ve been officially homeless for a week. So far, I’ve driven 2,233 miles through 9 states and just arrived in Tuscon, Arizona for the first month of my adventure. What Life has beyond September has yet to be fully shown to me. I’ve let go of the shore and for the first time in my life have no permanent address and only the items in my small Toyota Matrix.

This is my year of complete surrender to Life. To allow God to show me where my greatest place(s) to serve and expand in this human experience will be. For me to trust enough to go there, wherever Life calls me.

So far, in these early first days, Life guided my daughter to join me on this cross-country trek literally within a moment. It wasn’t planned at all. I was at her apartment the morning I was to leave. She had commented the evening before that she was frustrated that she was only scheduled to work one day the coming week and had been hoping for more hours. She said that 12 hours prior to the moment that Life said, ‘Dannie should come with me’! It was divinely planned by Life, not either of us.

We’ve spent the last week doing so much more than driving. We’ve laughed hysterically a good portion of it, had deep conversations, followed the Roadtrippin App and saw a bunch of cool landmarks, and most of all been together. My angel. I’ll post some of our silliness once we edit it all together.

All I can say is, ‘Life, I’m ready. Let’s get this party started’. This all feels really freeing. I’m not running away from life. I’m running toward it. And Dannie, my little sunshine, may you trust Life always has your back… always… and know that you are a powerful Goddess. And, I’m always with you even after you get on that plane back to PA.

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