So many special moments!

Really. That’s an understatement! I’m just going to take a few moments and let all the amazing life experiences shine!

It has been awhile since I have posted. It is because my life is so full! (And, writing is not my first love). First off, 2 months of feeling all the love Colorado has to offer! The beauty goes all the way from the breathtaking mountain peaks all the way into the hearts of so many lovely souls I know call friends.

Then, my oldest marries the love of his life and like my son Nick and daughter-in-love Olivia last summer, I had the honor of officiating the ceremony. I know the day rocked for Rich and Chelsea but seriously, it can not be put into words to witness it from a parent’s point of view. It’s amazing being a Mom but I had no idea how spectacular it is to see them as adults making lives that are full of love and blessings! And, oh how I love having all my kids together!

Then comes being of part The Oracle Institute’s role in welcoming the Kogi indigenous tribe to North America. There’s still time to be a part of this if you can. The magic is palatable here each day closer we are to the event. This place is also a community, so ‘being a part of’ has meant, sanding, staining, cleaning, painting… and that feels good to work hand in hand with others creating something beautiful. If you have any interest in living in community, you owe it to looking into this piece of heaven.

Finally, literally, on the 1 year anniversary of me ‘getting on the road’ and living in surrender (thanks for tagging along) my business partner and SSS (Super Soul Sis) Gina and I launched our first ever online course. It feels like a child as well… one we’ve nurtured and allowed to change and evolve us. I hope that same nurturing and evolution is felt with each person that partakes in it. You are family, too. You can learn about that at   (Yep, we had fun naming it!)

All for now, I have chores to do!


Welcome to my non-linear phenomena.

You know when you are taking in a beautiful landscape that is so huge it feels like it is touching your soul, and you try to take a picture of it? But, inevitably when you look in the viewfinder it doesn’t even begin the capture the immensity of what your senses are experiencing?
That’s what this blog is. It’s that snapshot that can only capture a small percentage of the profound experience of surrendering to life and allowing Source to guide me around is having on me. It is the beauty in the multitude of moments of awe.

We all have those moments of awe where we pause and acknowledge the Blessings all around us. But, now for me those moments have multiplied 10-fold and can’t all be captured and documented because they are meant to. They are meant simply to expand me, to allow my wings to completely unfurl and strengthen in the sun so I can fully fly.

Chaos theory uses the example that the beating of a butterfly’s wings affects a much larger event across the world and sets change within the entire universe. It is a representation of a non-linear system, where a small event can trigger a much larger one. This surrender experience of mine is exactly this. It’s allowing my wings to grow and strengthen to have a bigger impact in this world.

Where in the World is Lee Ann?

It’s been awhile since I have communicated. 3 months to be exact. Time sure goes fast. I’ll start with where I am currently. I’m snuggled in a cozy home in New Hampshire watching a soft snow fall out my window on 70 acres surrounded by mountains and dirt roads. This place is full of silence, everything is at rest.

I’m here for two reasons. House sitting gigs are now very attractive to me and secondly, my son Nick lives 20 minutes away, so I snagged this one, even though it is the middle of winter.

Before this I was in Southern Virginia at The Oracle Institute with Laura George, a client and dear friend at her intentional community. It was 3 weeks of beautiful mountain and river energy, communal living with a half dozen amazing souls and much growth. Always, continued growth.

What came into my awareness there is I am looking for my place in the world. Before now, I belonged to my children. Raising them on my own was singularly my greatest joy and most important role. Before that, I belonged to my family of Lou and Jeannette. Where do I belong now? Each place I move to, with every changing environment, takes me into another inner room within myself. Rooms never visited before now.

Before Virginia, I was in Pittsburgh with my daughter and her boyfriend for the holidays enjoying their lives and love. So much fun! I know my children will continue to be my greatest joy and where I will always belong. My intention is to be with them as often (now with Nick and hopefully soon with Rich) as I can. Their arrows have been sent far and wide and they are planting glorious lives. I’ve done well. I’ve done my best. My children, I love more than Life itself.

This vulnerable place of living in surrender is becoming more and more comfortable as I am hearing to surrender ‘even more’. My work is expanding beautifully and that makes my heart literally sing. Everything is the great unknown and I am becoming a more seasoned navigator. As my heart expands in innocent wonder, Love streams in and Light abounds through every person I meet and every magical moment. If there is one thing I know, it is that Life has my back.

Off the grid

This my friends, is an Earthship Home. They are homes that are fully sustainable built from items from the past like old tires, cans, bottles and dirt, firmly planted in the earth, taking just what is needed from the sun and atmosphere to create a warm and inviting home. Combined with thoughtful earth-friendly technology they produce their own water, heat and plant life for food. They are 100% off the grid. I’ve known about them thanks to my son Nick. Thanks Nick! To be in one has a feeling of connection to the earth and living a part of an ecosystem of Life in a way that I hadn’t anticipated. Seeing these homes was on my bucket list.

As I’m typing this, I realize, we are the same these homes and I. I am like an Earthship home! They are on their edge like me not fitting into society’s norms. I am made up of all my old things, too. I am my old experiences, emotions, dreams and goals creatively being repurposed into an even great container than before. Taking just what I need from Source to create a warm and inviting life, living in a new type of flow and exploration of what is possible.

Let me tell you, on my travels and at every turn I meet amazing people passionate to make this world a better place, gifted with talents and insights that go against the norm. People living their lives committed to creating heaven on earth. There is so much good in the world, so much more than the media shows us. Don’t get sucked into it. We need to live outside our comfort zone and hang out on our edge for a while in order for new concepts to be born.

So I am like an Earthship home. Unconventionally and organically tapped into Life. Anyone want to join me?





I’m feeling a bit that life consists of pure magic. Maybe that’s what happens on the other side of Freedom.

This freedom I created for myself.

It seems that amongst the chaos that is life also lies a stillness that is deafening as well as rustling of sheer magic. The chance meeting of a man in Sedona that calls himself a walk-in, that within a few short minutes we conveyed hours of information. He works in many dimensions and his grandfather was Caruso and I have a sketch of Caruso’s via that art I was left by my uncle. The young black panther cat that I encountered in a bustling area where one should never exist. The silkiness of countless synchronicities abounding everyday all around me. It can certainly be found in these large experiences.

Maybe it’s just as clearly magic riding an escalator at the airport closely behind a family through baggage claim that you feel somehow connected to them and as they scurry off in an opposite direction, I in my mind/heart, bid them happiness and safety.

Maybe it’s the kind glances and considerate small conversation between people I’ll never see again. And hugging my children good bye after a wonderful brief visit and missing my child that couldn’t make it in. There is magic everywhere.

I’ve decided upon embarking on this adventure that life will come by easy and effortlessly. As I ride the 2-hour bus trip back to Tucson from Phoenix, I ponder that I actually am pondering such things and hearing the word ponder at all.

As much as this adventure has been overwhelming with adjusting to constantly changing surroundings and lack of silent moments (I need to create more of those), it’s also bringing an awareness of what is truly around me. Magic. Not like pulling bunnies out of top hats magic but the kind that comes with collaborating with life to see through the veils that we’ve humans have hung out in front of us like some sort of safety net to what can truly become of our lives.

It feels like an expansiveness that I can sense yet am not able yet to describe. Like coming upon a rare flower and not able to capture the sweetness of its fragrance in words. Life is full and rich and deep and magical. Maybe it’s what’s on the other side of freedom… but I have a feeling this is only the beginning.

Feeling the wobble.

I’ve been reminded all my adult life that no one is going to take care of me but me. Not that there aren’t amazing people in my life that are giving and caring, because there are many. I’m talking about self-care. The type of care that nourishes one’s spirit.

I learned the hard way two decades ago when I lived on an emotional tightrope and giving non-stop to everyone but myself, you tend to crash. It can be health wise, emotionally or both. I’ve gotten better over the years as I understood that I had more energy to give raising my children or to put toward my business, if I carved time out for myself.

But, this is on a new level of awareness around this subject of balance. I’ve been feeling like the old webbles… I’ve been wobbling for sure. I’m discovering that since I have no ‘home’ to return to rest, focus and recharge, I’ve got to be in tune to what is required for my own equilibrium on a daily basis. That means I need to speak up for myself and say what I need and for a ‘people pleaser’ that isn’t easy.

A friend told me yesterday, ‘You are pushing the edge of Life right now. No one is going to understand that but you’. I am pushing the edge and I am beginning to understand what all that entails. In the past four days I’ve been in LA, Tuscon and Chicago, moved out of my first location and getting ready to go to my second. This adventure has opened up my work, connected me to amazing people and beautiful locations… I just need a nap!


Floating in possibility

Yep. That’s how I feel and that’s what I realized yesterday morning as I was floating in the pool during my morning swim. I understood that just as I am supported by the water, so too am I completely supported by Life, the water surrounding me representing pure possibility. Why do we limit ourselves?

Then, as I was returning to my condo, a grasshopper jumped on one side of my head to the other. Crown chakra… grasshopper… of course I had to look up the totem meaning! “Grasshoppers are known for their massive, strong back legs. Those legs not only provide an anchor and stability to the Earth, They also enable them to spring into action, jumping across large distances into unknown territory. As an animal totem symbol, the grasshopper acts as a messenger, inspiring us to do the same. At certain times in our lives, we will be called upon to take a leap of faith, calculating the risks and making a brave jump without knowing the outcome.” – LOL, Life, you crack me up.

One reason for this adventure was to open up to expansion in my work and wow is that happening. The MetaWork is organically evolving by bringing the client into the Meta process and co-creating together. The outcome is sublime.

How about I met a new friend through complete synchronicity. She’s traveling the same way I am (no possesions or final destination) by route of Minnesota. Here we are in Tuscon, similar (no) plans and similar perspective of Life and what is possible. We both have dear old friends in Montana. Maybe we’ll travel some together. Maybe we’ll head to Montana. Only Life knows.

For now, I’m feeling Boulder, CO with alittle Santa Fe and Taos inbetween may be just right. But, first there is a trip to LA this coming week and a bit more time here in Tuscon. I’m ready for another swim 🙂



Homeless, week 2! Let’s talk about that since my blog is about community. The first night I arrived, I spoke at the Tucson Warrior Goddess Training Circle (awesome women lead by head goddess, Cheryl Shartle). I spoke about my business and my energy work, ending explaining what I am do now (roaming the earth) saying, ‘So, I’m officially homeless!’. A lovely woman asked if it were alright to tell me what was coming to her from Spirit as I said those words… ‘The world is your home’, she reflected back to me.

It oddly feels like that! I feel I belong here in Tuscon, while I am here and everywhere beyond that. My son asked me if in these travels, I was hoping to find where I should settle down. Oddly, no. I’ve been ‘settled down’ all my life. I guess I can say I’m settling into being ‘unsettled’. Innately, as much as I love Tuscon, I know I will love the next place I land, because I’m looking for the beauty. In the geography, vibe and its people.

Cheryl and I visited Milagro Cohousing, an award-winning cohousing community of 28 energy efficient, passive solar, adobe homes on a 43-acre site in the Tucson mountains – just twelve minutes from downtown Tucson. Our tour guide, a young mother of an outgoing boy of 8 or 9, said ‘This is just a microcosm here, we have the same issues as any community just on a smaller scale. But, we all know each other and have the common goal of this community so we work together’. Every time I am in such a place, it just feels good. It makes sense to me this urge to return to living as a tribe, sharing, coming together. It feels healthier to me.

I also had an incredible astrology reading this week, and guess what’s in my chart? Travel for the next several months. Even though I don’t know where I’ll be in October, I’m clearly on the right path.


Letting go of the ‘sure’.


I left Ohio last Friday, so I’ve been officially homeless for a week. So far, I’ve driven 2,233 miles through 9 states and just arrived in Tuscon, Arizona for the first month of my adventure. What Life has beyond September has yet to be fully shown to me. I’ve let go of the shore and for the first time in my life have no permanent address and only the items in my small Toyota Matrix.

This is my year of complete surrender to Life. To allow God to show me where my greatest place(s) to serve and expand in this human experience will be. For me to trust enough to go there, wherever Life calls me.

So far, in these early first days, Life guided my daughter to join me on this cross-country trek literally within a moment. It wasn’t planned at all. I was at her apartment the morning I was to leave. She had commented the evening before that she was frustrated that she was only scheduled to work one day the coming week and had been hoping for more hours. She said that 12 hours prior to the moment that Life said, ‘Dannie should come with me’! It was divinely planned by Life, not either of us.

We’ve spent the last week doing so much more than driving. We’ve laughed hysterically a good portion of it, had deep conversations, followed the Roadtrippin App and saw a bunch of cool landmarks, and most of all been together. My angel. I’ll post some of our silliness once we edit it all together.

All I can say is, ‘Life, I’m ready. Let’s get this party started’. This all feels really freeing. I’m not running away from life. I’m running toward it. And Dannie, my little sunshine, may you trust Life always has your back… always… and know that you are a powerful Goddess. And, I’m always with you even after you get on that plane back to PA.


Hi everyone. If you have landed on this blog, most likely you personally know me, so I’m not thinking much background is needed on me. But, you can always ask.

It’s pretty crazy to disperse everything you own and only fit the most necessary items in a small car. It really felt good to shed everything and at the same time makes me wonder why I had so much stuff! Sure, I raised three kids on my own and as they’ve left the nest, I’ve whittled down my belonging, to what I thought was a reasonable amount… until I started really looking at each and every item. It’s as if I’ve died and each and every item has needed to find a new home. It’s a new chapter, for sure.

What would make a person do such a thing? Get rid of everything and get on the road for a long period of time?

I guess the easiest answer is ‘because I can’.

My clients are located all over the globe, and over the past year I’ve been feeling as if I am missing key experiences in order to expand my current talents. An urge to be face to face with more like-minded people has risen to an uncomfortable state if I don’t do it. And, my adventurous spirit is re-emerging now that I am in this new chapter of my life.

It feels like I am in my 20’s but with an unusual twist. If I were in my 20’s, there would be this goal to find a mate, settle down, buy a house, and start a family. But, I’ve done all those things. Now, I’m in a place to roam where Life leads me, doing what I love.

So, what I am hoping to find?

Community. There is something deeper to that word than what Webster’s details. It’s more than just a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage. It’s why we are humans, to come together.

I’m not necessarily looking to find an exact community of people. I want to define community as one of the human race. What is it that binds us together? It’s more than common interests or goals. I’m missing something I intend to find. I already know it’s within myself.